Rube Goldberg VR game

August 2017 ยท 1 minute read

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This project won the Outstanding Project Award for VR project at the Udacity Intersect Conference, 2018

The video shows snippets of the intro, tutorial, and ending for my Rube Goldberg game. The game challenges the player to ferry a ball from a starting platform to an end goal, without hitting the ground and while collecting a sequence of stars along the way. The player builds the path for the ball using a collection of wooden planks, conveyor belts, trampolines, teleporters, and fans. All the while, the player is watched over by their smart-mouthed supervisor, Kate, who doesn’t always seem to have the player’s best interest in mind. Kate tells the player that the balls are sentient, and that they die every time they hit the ground, which places enormous pressure on the player to solve the puzzles as efficiently as possible!