API Key Management App

March 2020 ยท 1 minute read

Code is not available for this project because the repository belongs to a company I’ve worked for

View, edit, and request API keys

This React.js application allows users to view, edit, and request API keys for several public-facing APIs that a company offers. The application features:

  • GET and POST operations to request and send data to internal APIs that manage client keys.
  • A list of all keys a user has access to.
  • The ability to filter, sort, and search for keys based on various criteria.
  • Smart pagination and record counts.
  • Use of local storage to save user filters.
  • A details page that allows users to view and edit API keys depending on their permissions.
  • A wizard to request new API keys.
  • A permissions model that limits the views and actions a user can take depending on their account role and the client instances they have access to.
  • A combination of React hooks, React class components, and JavaScript Promises to resolve and render API data as it updates.
  • Validation and error messages in the UI.
  • Translation into multiple languages.

I was one of three engineers that worked on this application.